Corporate Sponsors for 2019

We greatly appreciate our sponsors who have generously provided financial support to our society. (Support CMMS)

M.E. Taylor Engineering Inc. SEMicro Division

Contact: Robert Hester

Platinum Sponsor

Angstrom Scientific, Inc

Contact: Evan Slow

Platinum Sponsor

Leica Microsystems

Contact: Mark Kukucka

Platinum Sponsor

Thermo Fisher

Contact: Mieke Frishman

Contact: Michael  Hernandez

Platinum Sponsor

Electron Microscopy Sciences

Contact: Pat Minnella

Platinum Sponsor

Contact: Stacie Kirsch

Tousimis Research Corp.

Contact: Hyun Park

Gold Sponsor

Microscopy Innovations LLC

Contact: Thomas Strader

Gold Sponsor

Ted Pella, Inc

Contact: Toni Kember

Gold Sponsor


Contact: Lucille Giannuzzi

Gold Sponsor

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