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Fall Tour of the Billings Microscope Collection at NMHM

We had a great turnout for the CMMS tour of the Billing’s Microscope Collection at the National Museum of Health and Medicine on December 7, 2018. Part of the museum is open to the public and there were many interesting medical specimens and instruments on display.

CMMS was able to arrange a private behind the scenes tour of the more rare microscopes in the NMHM storage facilities. A few of the notable microscopes we observed include one of Roberts Hooke’s original microscopes, replicas of Leeuwenhoek microscopes, and a TEM captured from the Nazis during WWII, among many others. While we were not permitted to take pictures of the microscopes, they were certainly stunning to observe.

Following the 1.5 hr tour, we grouped back up at McGinty’s Pub in Silver Spring for appetizers and drinks, generously provided courtesy of ThermoFisher. A great time was had by all, and we look forward to organizing similar events in the future.

Your CMMS Officers


Recap of M&M 2018 Baltimore

We hope everyone had a great time at M&M 2018 in Baltimore MD. It was a busy week full of excellent presentations, equipment demos, training, dinners and more. Your CMMS officers were spotted getting down to business at the MSA Local Affiliate Society meeting.

There were big crowds at the MSA poster session with rows and rows of posters, too many to count, and a multitude of engaging vendors on the expo floor.

We hope everyone submitted micrographs to the MSA Micrograph Competition, if not be sure to submit one next year. The competition was tough, but CMMS member, Gary Bauchan from USDA ARS, won second place for his SEM image of the “Coffee Drinking Mite”.

The CMMS Meet & Greet at the Pratt Street Ale House was a huge success, it served as a convenient opportunity for local CMMS members to converge and casually talk. CMMS provided dollar-off drink coupons to all the attendees.

These were just a few of the many highlights of M&M 2018, thank you all for attending, we hope everyone had a great time. Stay tuned for more upcoming CMMS events, as we work to grow and expand this society. We are planing to host another social event and membership drive in December.

Your CMMS Officers

CMMS Meet & Greet – Aug 8th

Hello CMMS,

I hope this message finds you well.  I am writing on behalf of all the board members of Chesapeake Microscopy & Microanalysis Society (CMMS) to invite you to come to  a CMMS “Meet and Greet” gathering at Pratt Street Ale House on August 8th starting at 5:30 PM.  As you may know, we have aligned a new group of CMMS officers and we are trying to rebuild CMMS as a center of communication and social interaction among the Electron Microscopy community in greater Baltimore/Washington DC/Frederick area.  We have built a brand new website and are planning several activities in 2019 and a quarterly newsletter.  We plan to launch a membership drive by December, 2018 and would like to encourage you to join our society as regular members.   The social gathering on August 8th is a chance for the CMMS leadership to learn how CMMS can best serve our community.    Please come to join us, I look forward to seeing you there.

Address: Pratt Street Ale House – 206 W Pratt St, Baltimore, MD 21201

Please RSVP:

Best regards,

CMMS President 2018
Director, Electron Microscopy Core Imaging Facility
University of Maryland, Baltimore

Volunteers Needed for M&M 2018

Hello CMMS,

I hope you are enjoying the summer.  The Microscopy and Microanalysis meeting is just a month away.  I hope you plan to attend the meeting this year since it will be held in Baltimore.   The MSA volunteer coordinator Amanda Lawrence would particularly like to recruit some local students this year to help out during the M&M meeting.   Below is the details of the volunteer program.  Please pass this information to any students you know or anyone you think may be interested.  This is a great way to help students defray meeting costs as well as giving them a chance to interact with members of the microscopy community.  There is also some opportunity for ‘non-student’ volunteers to assist with these same tasks as they interact with the microscopy community.

Student bursary opportunity at M&M 2018 

The student bursaries will be paid $10 an hour to work for ~20 hours during the meeting or pre-meeting events (paid by check at the end of the meetings).  The jobs involve such things as providing support in the different symposia, staffing the volunteer office, newsletter distribution, and helping with vendor tutorial sign-up or in the outreach booth.

Each registered bursary will be contacted and given the chance to choose the times and activities they would like to help with. There is an additional bonus of $10 cash (paid that day) for each morning and/or afternoon session worked to assist with meals.  Participants are also given a meeting t-shirt to wear while working.

Applicants for the bursaries must be members of MSA or MAS and enrolled as students at a recognized educational institution. Participants are responsible for their own registration fee and travel expenses. If you are interested or would like to get more information, please contact Amanda Lawrence: , Student Bursary/Volunteer Program Coordinator.