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Position: Post-Doc
Institute: University of Maryland Baltimore, School of Medicine, Risso Laboratory
Description: Current projects seek to understand the  physiology underlying vascular contraction using in vivo mouse models and quantitative FRET imaging. Present studies employ FRET biosensors for RhoA, myosin kinase and myosin phosphatase activity. Expertise in vascular biology and arterial imaging is highly desired.

Position: Faculty
Institute: Johns Hopkins University. Dept. Biophysics & Biophysical Chemistry
Description: Professor, Associate Professor or Assistant
Professor position in the area of cryo-electron
microscopy of biological macromolecules and

Position: Post-Doc
Institute: University of Maryland Baltimore, School of Medicine, Hasan Laboratory
Description: Recruiting a post-doctoral fellow with an interest in utilizing high-resolution single particle cryo-electron microscopy (cryoEM) to investigate the structural biology of membrane proteins implicated in cancer and infectious diseases.

Position: Assistant Professor
Institute: University of Maryland Baltimore, Dept. Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Description: Recruiting a structural biologist with expertise in cryo-Electron microscopy (Cryo-EM). The successful candidate will be part of the Molecular and Structural Biology Program in the Greenebaum Comprehensive Cancer Center (GCCC) and a member of the Center for Biomolecular Therapeutics (CBT) in the Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology Research (IBBR).