Fall Tour of the Billings Microscope Collection at NMHM


We had a great turnout for the CMMS tour of the Billing’s Microscope Collection at the National Museum of Health and Medicine on December 7, 2018. Part of the museum is open to the public and there were many interesting medical specimens and instruments on display.


CMMS was able to arrange a private behind the scenes tour of the more rare microscopes in the NMHM storage facilities. A few of the notable microscopes we observed include one of Roberts Hooke’s original microscopes, replicas of Leeuwenhoek microscopes, and a TEM captured during WWII, among many others. While we were not permitted to take pictures of the microscopes, they were certainly stunning to observe.


Following the 1.5 hr tour, we grouped back up at McGinty’s Pub in Silver Spring for appetizers and drinks, generously provided courtesy of ThermoFisher. A great time was had by all, and we look forward to organizing similar events in the future.

Your CMMS Officers


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