CMMS Newsletter – April 2020

Check out the latest edition of the CMMS Newsletter, in this issue we bring you a series of interesting interviews, announcements and activities from the local Chesapeake region.

  • Presidents Column by Dr Robert Pope
  • CMMS Board Member Update
  • Focus on a Local Microscopist: Interview with Dr Kunio Nagashima
  • Announcment of the 2020 MSA Hildegrade H.Crowley Award Winner: Joe Mowery
  • New Microscopy Related Job Postings
  • Spotlight on a Microscopy Company: Interview with Stacie Kirsch, owner of Electron Microscopy Science
  • 10 Online Courses on Microscopy and Image Analysis
  • Quarter Microscopy Puzzle: Spot 10 differences in the Carnegie Electron Probe Lab
  • Behind the scenes video with CMMS Board Member Emma Bullock at the Carnegie Institution
  • My EMS Academy Biological TEM Workshop Training Experience: Interview with Mary Beth Friss

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