CMMS: Summer Speaker Series

Hello CMMS,

On behalf of the Chesapeake Microscopy & MicroanalysisSociety (CMMS), we’re pleased to present a Summer Speaker Series, featuring three engaging microscopy talks in July by guest speakers Nestor J. Zaluzec, John Shields and Bernd Zechmann.  

You’re invited to join us on Zoom next week for our first virtual talk on July 9th at 3pm.

1. Speaker: Nestor J. Zaluzec Ph.D. –  Senior Scientist & Principal Investigator at Argonne National Laboratory
Topic: “HyperspectralImaging of Soft and Hard Matter in the Analytical Electron  Microscope: Current and Future Prospects”
Date: July 9 at 3pm

2. Speaker: John Shields Ph.D. –  Director of George Electron Microscopy at the University of Georgia
Topic: “Challenges in preparing samples for food sciences”
Date: July 14 at 3pm 

3. Speaker: Bernd Zechmann Ph.D. –  Director of the Center for Microscopy and Imaging at Baylor University, President of the Texas Society for Microscopy
Topic: “Preparation of plant samples for TEM and SEM investigations – why small labs struggle to keep up with technological advances.”
Date: July 23 at 3pm

Please register at

There will be a brief question & answer session after each talk. Attendees are encouraged to use their webcams and microphones to encourage discussion. Hope to see you there!

– Joe Mowery
CMMS President-Elect
Biologist, Electron & Confocal Microscopy Unit, USDA ARS 

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